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Some of the first gen Dual-X OC's used a reference board which any block should fit. The newer ones do not use a reference board. Easy solution to your problem. Sell your cards and get reference cards.
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I found myself having the same problem of a non ref board when I wanted the heatkiller block and backplate setup. the card came with separate heatsinks for memory and everything. So I only bought core contacts to remedy it. The backplates still work for the card as long as Im content with only attatching them by the 4 main screws. they provide the board no support in this though but looks amazing. I have this picture from pre watercooling to show. My XFX cards came with a full cover heatsink under the fans which I kept on. its pretty solid and heavy but altogether quite cool.

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All right, I've done some research. I found some Sapphire 7970's with reference designs on eBay for $320 a pop (namely this one and this one). So if I can sell each of my current cards for at least that much, I'll break even. Perhaps that's just the route where I'll end up going. Do those two cards look like suitable replacements?

Also, what's the best way to go about selling my current cards? Just ask around? Go straight to eBay? I'm used to buying cards and sucking the life out of them for as long as I can. By the time I'm done with them, they're usually two or three generations behind.
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That is a better route. I had to mod mine, took awhile to get everything together. I would suggest ebay over an OCN sale. but thats just because Ive always lost money here and time trying to sell anything.
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I think I'm gonna wait until someone brings out a water block for my card. LOL.
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Just checked the ASIC quality of both my current cards. One is 60.9%, and the other is 59.7%. I'm still not too sure about what that implies, but if I'm understanding it correctly, that's not too good for water cooling. I believe 75% is the sweet spot, so these might not be quite at the right spot. On eBay, however, I did find two Sapphire reference cards with a rating right around 75% (not the two I linked earlier). I'll look into getting those once I figure out how I'm going to sell the Dual-X cards.
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