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I will soon be adding a second GTX 770 to my build, so the problem about temperature needs to be properly addressed. In my 600T the fan options are:

  • 200mm front fan
  • 120mm rear fan
  • 200mm top fan/240mm radiator
  • Also can swap the side window with a mesh panel that supports 4 x 120 mm fans

I currently have a Swiftech H220 on top inside the case with its two fans on the outside cooling my i5-4670k. In order for better air cooling, I'm thinking about removing the stock 200mm front fan with a BitFenix Spectre Pro. I'm assuming the rear exhaust could use an upgrade as well, so I'm looking at a BitFenix Spectre PWM 120mm fan to replace it. I shifted over the hard drive cage so it is next to the power supply, so the front fan has full clearance. I'm worried that in their 2-way SLI set up, two GTX 770's will get hot. There won't be much space between them for air to move. Do you think my proposed setup of stronger fans will be enough to keep these cards cool enough? I'm trying to avoid swapping the window for the mesh panel (aesthetics) but I will if it's a series issue.

EDIT: I can provide a picture of my current setup if needed.