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Safe overclock? 7950

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9I've overclocked my 7950 with afterburner to
core voltage:1125
power limit: 10%
core clock: 1170
memory clock: 1500

fully stable after 2 hours of Heaven
temp:max 68°C
with fan speed around 50%

and after 30 minutes of furmark
temp: max 73°C
fan speed around 60%

btw: a small question when I was using furmark my gpu usage was flickering between 97%-99% and 100%, this is normal right?

This is my first overclock so I'm not really sure.

This was after furmark (it says 2:30 elapsed time but that were both tests combined but I wrote down the Heaven temps before furmark)

just a screen shot of afterburner

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Seems like a great overclock! But I would use something like GPU-Z to monitor the temps of your VRM temps, as you don't want these to get too high either. I stopped clocking my card further because I was uncomfortable with how high the VRM temps were getting, even though the rest of the card was staying cool under 55c. Unfortunately the regular gigabyte VRMs are not as high quality as my previous 570 SOC's VRM, so I have to monitor them a lot closer. You should have plenty of room to go though, since your card is only at 1.125v right now.
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thanks but I have tried to overvolt it a bit more but that makes it go a lot hotter and I don't want to risk my gpu's lifespan. Am happy with this result I go almost 10 fps faster in games, I was just wondering if I this was safe. BTW: it says 1125 as core volt but 10 % goes with it so it's 1.250V, I think.
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The % power increase is how much past the TDP it can go, it doesn't alter the amount of voltage the card is receiving. Try upping your fan speed unless you really dislike the sound. I run mine up to a 70% curve based upon how hot I want it. I understand not wanting it getting hotter than you're comfortable with. I'm sure I could overclock my card much further if I didn't mind the temps.
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