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hi all,

i´m struggling for days now with this problem :

in mwo (mechwarrior online) you have the uac, an autocannon with a recycle of 1.1 seconds, if you press the button before that time it may get jammed. so i´ve tried nearly all possibilities and variants but i cant get it to work... i tried to put it into the repeat section of the advanced commands
(no macro) like this : l. mouse down, lm up (delay 1.12) lm down, lm up (delay 1.12) and so on. but it doesnt do what it should.

and i also tried making 2 key presses with a delay between them (which worked) but as i cant put a pause/delay at the END of the repeat that´s quite senseless...i´d need it to push l. mouse, wait 1.12 seconds, repeat. if released it should wait 1.12 sec and if pressed again start without delay....

pls, if anyone can help me....i´m going crazy with that thing atm -_-