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If you would like to get them used to RTS/FPS, while still retaining some form of friendlessness, I would honestly just go with with any game in the genre that doesn't contain anything mature.

Here's a formula (kind of):

- Look at your games list, and filter the list by FPS and RTS. This will display all of the RTS/FPS games in your account.
- Create a filter that negates the ones which have maturity (blood, violence, swearing, sex etc..)
- All of the games listed are 'appropriate' for your children in terms of maturity and genre preference.
- This part's simple; show your children the games on the list and let them pick the ones that they like the look off. If you have a daughter, maybe she'll like the girly, friendly ones.
If you have a boy, maybe he'll pick the ones with the grittiness and action. It all depends on age, (loosely) gender and interest.

If that doesn't work, which I'm not entirely doubting, just remove the genre filter and let them pick again. If they were to pick say minecraft, it'll get them interested in the general concept of gaming.
I remember my Dad trying to introduce me to RTS with Ages of Empire. Needless to say, I ended up becoming a CoD fanboy in my early teenage years because it instantly put me off. rolleyes.gif
The choice is key, also. If you want them to get into FPS, start with something comical, friendly and inviting. Minecraft for example (not a shooter, but still first-person). Then, when the time is right, they will slowly want to delve deeper into the franchise.

... Or just get 2 copies of EVE Online and ArMA3, either way.
Hope I helped thumb.gif