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As per the directions on their website, I am running one instance of HCI Memtest for each of my CPUs. I set the affinity to a single CPU for each instance. I configured them to test an equal fraction of my total RAM. I started both at the same time. They both show an alternating [/], [\], [/], [\] ... , but one says 0.0% Coverage, while the other is now at 314.6% Coverage and still counting after over two hours. Is that normal? Am I doing it right? If someone knows, or if someone could try it themselves, I'd appreciate if you'd tell me if it works the same way on your PC. Here is a link.

Edit: After all this time, it just changed to 0.1%.

Solved: Adjusted the configuration to test only the RAM that isn't in use, and both instances are now functioning in the same manner as each other. HCI really should be more specific in their instructions.
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