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you live a in dirty spot but, probably not in the sense you are thinking of, i have customers who live near gravel roads or dirt roads, there laptops are usually dirty, a friend owns a truck stop the computers in all the ground level building get packed full of dirt the trucks and cars track in to the parking lot.

1 thing you might try is a home air cleaner, they sell air cleaners that purify the air in what ever room you place it in. maybe some kind of air cleaner of over the A/C/Heater vent? has you heat and cooling ducts been cleaned in a while?

you can put all the filters you want on the PC it won't matter 1 bit you gotta kill the air borne dust in the room.

hehe or he can wait for silverstone to release the mammoth case biggrin.gif computer case with a HEPA filter in the front biggrin.gif air purifier + computer cooling in 1 case biggrin.gif