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I've got everything I need in my newegg wishlist and i'll be buying things as they come in but I have one last question before I pull the trigger on anything.
My video cards Video Out: VGA female, HDMI Female, Mini DP female.
For eyefinity does it matter what the monitor inputs are? 3 I've got are D-Sub in, do I need DVI or does it not really matter?

also I need 2 adaptors, I know the miniDP to vga one is active, but do I need an active adaptor for HDMI to VGA?
This is my newegg wishlist:
Should I switch anything out?
I have one simple question referring to eyefinity. I've asked many places and locations and posted many threads all over computer communities asking this question but have never received a proper answer.
The question is: Can I use all VGA input monitors for my eyefinity set up?
My HD7970M graphics card has 1 VGA out, 1 HDMI Out, and 1 Mini Display port out. But the 3 monitors I will be able to buy are all VGA inputs.
I can get the correct adaptors to change all the ports on my laptop to VGA out including an ACTIVE Minidisplay port to VGA adaptor.

As far as I understand on the FAQs page this should be theoretically possible? But it was talking about DVI monitors. Do I need DVI monitors? or can I use the VGA monitors I will be getting?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I can't find the answer anywhere, and I would like to know before spending money that can't be replaced.
Thank you so much.

Further info
Alienware M17X R4 with AMD Radeon HD7970M
i7 3630QM, HM77chipset, 12GB DDR3 memory.
Driver 13.4

Monitors and adaptors list:

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