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I currently am using a H4530s as my Laptop. I bought it last year after my laptop of 3 years died due to hard drive failure. Luckily, when it decided to die on me finals were already over. As a result, I'm now very wary of my laptop drive but I admittedly don't treat my laptop with extreme care. I'm leaning towards upgrading to an SSD especially since I have finally experienced my first SSD in my desktop. However, I'm curious on the opinions regarding adding one to a i3 SATA2 machine. I have an 840 pro in my other rig but do I really need such speed in my laptop? I noticed the 840 regulars come with a clone kit for much cheaper, but TLC concerns me. Really just looking for opinions/recommendations on what to do. Also, would it be possible to do a clean install of windows off a USB and reuse the product key located on the sticker on my laptop?

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