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Stop embedded videos from autoplaying

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I'm wondering if there is some setting in Chrome I can tweak to stop embedded Youtube videos on every page I visit from autoplaying. It's getting quite bothersome when I open three new tabs off to the side and have to scroll through each one to stop the videos in the comments from playing. This isn't an issue on my desktop, only on my two laptops, which have my google account synced to Chrome. Any and all help is appreciated.
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If you click on the page icon in the location bar, you can set permissions for various things, including allowing plugins (that's Flash videos) and media to load. You can go back to the default setting where objects will be grayed out and you'll first have to click on them.

You'll have to do that for all sites you regularly visit individually, I think. You should also go into the Chrome settings and click on the advanced sync settings button and make it so that changing things on your desktop PC won't get pushed to your laptops.
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Actually, that just created another problem. Now every website I go to has big gray squares where the flash player is embedded. I was hoping that I could somehow get it so the player is loaded up and I only have to click the play button. This is how most videos show up on my desktop, but my almost all videos start automatically on my laptops.
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Dude I got you, it's really easy to do

There are basically 3 ways I know of doing this

1. Option one is to get this extension

I used an extension made by another author that hadn't been updated since 2011, this seems to be a newer version that was updated may of this year. I haven't used it personally but it should do what you wanted. Can autobuffer

2. Option two is to get this extension

This is a very extensive extension, but it also blocks autoplay if you want. Can autobuffer

3. Flash block
This will block any video or flash object from loading, the only downside being that it won't autobuffer like the other options, so I would maybe combine this with 1 or 2.
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