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I was given a Dell R710 with everything except drives. This is my first enterprise level server vs a desktop with beefed up RAM so I'm learning as I go.

The unit came with a PERC 6/i and the 6 3.5" drive backplane (not sure if I'm using that in the correct context, in the R710's chassis I can place 6 SATA/SAS drives connected to the 6/i via SFF-8484 )

My problem is I want to take my drives out of my existing, non-RAID "server" and put them in this unit without losing my data (running Linux so hopefully won't need a kernel recompile).

When testing on a spare drive, the only way I can get the unit to boot is by creating a RAID-0 single disk in the PERC's config and then doing a fresh install. worst case I guess I can do that and then create drive images to load on the RAID-0, but I'd prefer to write to the disk without any RAID so I have access to the SMART data as well.

Is there any way, either flashing LSI firmware, or whatever to use unraided disks in this current setup, or do I either have to buy new hardware or create images for all my disks?