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Hi all.

Not sure if this belongs in the ATI cooling or ATI general section, so I'll try it here. Mods, feel free to move if you think it should be elsewhere.

A little while ago my 4870X2's temperature began to rise, so I figured it was time to look for a better cooler. Yes, the card may be 5 years old, but it still has more than enough power for my gaming needs (TDU, GTA4, NFSW etc) without even using the 2nd GPU.

I replaced the stock cooler with an Arctic Accelero Extreme, but to my surprise I found it rather noisy on idle.
A bit of digging revealed that the fans are running at 1950 RPM with the fan speed set to 20% as well as with the fan speed set to 100%. Basically CCC's AMD Overdrive doesn't control the fans anymore and they are at 100% all the time.
I tried Rivatuner (with the secret unlock setting), ATI Tray Tools and Speedfan, but none seem to be able to turn the fan speed down.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem?
If not, can I just install a single channel PWM fan controller or should I get a bunch of 80mm case fans and make a custom mount for them?

I'm currently running the Arctic heatsink with no fans because it really was unbearable, but with that passive cooling the temperatures are reaching dangerous levels during gaming. (95°C GPU, 105°C MEMIO at stock 750MHz GPU and 900MHz memory).
I suppose I could underclock the card to lower the temperatures to the stock cooler's levels (90°C and 95°C respectively), but that would hurt the framerate unless I turn the graphics settings down as well. And where's the fun in that?
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