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Hello, guys

For the past 2 years I've been playing LoL. It's the only game that I've been playing recently, especially since some work colleagues have been getting into the game. It was only yesterday that I decided to start to play another game and see if I can enjoy it as much as LoL. That game, (as you've probably realised by the title) is Guild Wars 2. So far the experience has been enjoyably frustrating. I'm currently a level 11 Nord Warrior; somewhat tanky and high DPS. I level mainly by killing things, finding/activating collectables and completing quests, both side and main. My problem starts with a (main) quest that I cannot seem to complete. The recommended level for it is 10 and I'm level 11. I have decent weapons and armour, and I wouldn't consider myself an 'absolute beginner' in the genre (I used to play WoW a lot).

What am I missing? Are there alternate ways to level up? Should I play with a friend? Am I just a really bad player? All these questions have been stopping me from enjoying the experience. For anyone who has some experience playing the game, is there any information you have that would help me to becoming a 'decent' GW player? Also, is there anyone else who still plays the game regularly? I would enjoy playing the game with a friend. Any help would be appreciated and rewarded with a REP thumb.gif