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Hey guys,

Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong area, please let me know where to post it if it's wrong!

I had a query about how the adaptive overclocking works. My understanding is that you should raise the multiplier and voltage to the best secure level, and then set the adaptive levels. However:

1. I can't see a setting to set some sort of adaptive multiplier. I can only assume there isn't one, but then surely your PC will run at high usage all the time and therefore setting adaptive voltage becomes redundant... I can only assume I'm saying something incredibly nooby there somewhere tongue.gif.

2. Assuming there is only an adaptive setting for the voltage, should I reset the voltage back to its baseline but leave the multiplier alone, then set the adaptive voltage to whatever the safe overclock voltage was at?

As you can see I'm quite new to this, I don't even fully know if only changing the multiplier and overall voltage is enough, or if other settings need adjusting to overclock the CPU! Been reading guides and that seems to be what they're saying...

Thanks in advance, and apologies for any /facepalm things I've said!