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HL2 Crash

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I am crashing at the very first loading screen in HL2. I am not sure what to do.

Right when you walk through the door, the game hangs with no errors. It never finishes loading. What should I do?
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right click on half life 2 in the steam application, select properties, click on local files tab, then click on "verify integrity of game cache"

You may want to update your driver for your GPU.

It is unlikely but do you have any overclocks on hardware and are they stable?
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I have already verified the installs. Did not find any missing or corrupted files. Drivers are up to date. Only my CPU is OC'd and it is 72 hours Prime95 stable.
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re-install the game maybe? Do you have any mods on? Do other games work? redface.gif

If that doesn't work, it could be something conflicting with the game or something I have missed out.
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Just reinstalled. No mods. All other games are working.
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Try running it in 32 bit mode
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How do you go about doing that?
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