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Hi guys, I recently ordered an FT02B-W, and a Magicool 3x180mm radiator to go with it, I plan on just using the stock Silverstone fans with the rad.
Now I've been looking at many FT02 builds, eyeing over the many different configurations people have, and I have been considering purchasing another 120mm rad for up in the top of the case (I know its not entirely necessary, what with the cooling capacity of the Magicool rad, but I have noticed a few builds, and to me..I found it to be aesthetically pleasing).
I may not go with the extra rad, but in the event that I do decide I want to pull the trigger on another purchase, my question to all of you knowledgeable gentleman, is what sort of 120mm radiator I should opt for?
Now I predominantly want to go for a more silence oriented build, so I was considering as little fans as possible, and probably going in a pull config (not entirely sure if that's the best option)
I had been considering an XSPC RX120 for the low FPI, but space may be a bit of an issue, and I'm not sure if there are better options in a smaller footprint these days...
Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.