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That IBT gives me good results, were you able to test the prime95s I Linked? Not sure why IBT was giving me bad results before :S Where can I find an older version to test with? Ugh now I am unsure, since i can't find an older version of IBT I don't think I used a outdated version :S
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The version 25 Prime95 (the first one) is non-AVX. 27.7 or later is AVX. I don't know where to find an old IBT. Google might know.
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Okay well i tried an older IBT version , gives me about 65 gflops, before when it wasn't working it gave me 80ish, now I am confused lol
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Run this latest intel linpack http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-math-kernel-library-linpack-download, it will give you 200gflops. You need to disable HT though to let it test on physical cores instead of HT cores.
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Okay so I tested somemore with IBT, short tests a few minutes long, I managed to get IBT new to get me lower scores by multitasking at the same time, I think I got low scores before even though I wasn't multitasking becasue I was installing a bunch of windows updates, it would also account for the random good result I got.
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Does that theory seem logical?
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Yes, background tasks will lower the GFlops.
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I am using my iGPU right now as I sold my old gpu and I am awaiting a new one, temps should be higher but overclock stability should be the same right?
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Okay well I did a overnight quick prime just to test, vcore hit 1.288 in hwinfo, is it possible the CPU increases the vcore because I am using the iGPU? CPU vcore is around 1.280-1.288 while running prime Lard. before it was 1.278-1.284
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Okay, update, I am even more confused then before.
Let me sum things up again

Wake up, check hwinfo, says I hit 1.288v max at somepoint last night while running prime95 blend

Run Prime95 Large FFTs, hits 1.288v and flucates from 1.280-1.288 with drops to 1.272, shut it down after a minute.


Bios Flash

Load Profile up ( Saved to USB)

Try again, Large FFTs, hits 1.288v again as above

Go into bios, try seeing what 0.005v and -0.005v get compared to their normal values, they test fine.

Set OC back to 0.010 (did not reload the profile, simply set it back to 0.010)

Hits 1.280v, Normal.

Go back to bios, reload profile

Hits 1.288v the first time I run prime, cannot replicate again.

Load Defaults, See a bunch of iGPU offset options and other options that do not show when I use my saved profile ( Was created before I sold my GPU and ran off iGPU )

Recreate the same settings as my old profile but leave all iGPU options as default

Hit 1.28v

My question is WHY is it doing this, I am just really confused as to whats going on, its not easy to replicate even when using the old profile, sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't.
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