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Originally Posted by Linus Sebastian View Post

Arctic Silver 5 is inferior to other TIMs like IC Diamond.


Aha! Now we know who is in IC Diamond back pocket eh?
JK, I am a fan of your show and thank you for the advice, I will invest in some better thermal compound soon.
I have still have 3 tubes of arctic silver 5 I bought many years ago, it was pretty expensive...

Damn technology keeps advancing making older stuff obsolete!
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Originally Posted by Jakusonfire View Post

Before doing that I would change the jet plate to the thinnest one if it isn't already and rotate the block 90 degrees so the jet plate is aligned vertically with the underlying CPU die.

It might make no difference but I can't see any reason why the mount is so bad other than the bow of the block is playing a role.

Originally Posted by BadDad62 View Post

Mount the pump to the side fan thumb.gif
Might be able to reduce the number of fittings ?
Not having CPU aligned with the die has caused issues for some people.
Good thought 'Jakusonfire"

Mind blown! I just pictured the pump on the side fan and I can totally see your point! Thanks, I will do it right now!
Also, I will try rotating the cpu block as per suggestion, but I don't really see why that would effect anything.

Thank you so much everyone for helping me on this build, you have no idea how helpful this thread has been.
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So I rebuild the loop so the pump is on the side fan, unfortunately I had had to move some stuff around.
The loop did indeed bleed much quicker, it was actually scary fast how fast water was being sucked in.
See here ->

Here is the photo of previous thermal application over 24 hours.

It just doesn't look like its spread right.

Now trying the line method...

Forgot to change to thin jet plate! frown.gif
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I believe the thinner jetplate was designed for 1155, the stock plate should work fine on your CPU.
I recon you should fill and see what happens to the temps.
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Are you applying it by spreading it out or just putting a dont in the middle? Sorry if it seems silly, but sometimes people who spread it out have difficulties like this.

Ultimately if you can get the temp of your cooler right near the cpu and see if it is a lot different you will know it's not conducting enough heat. If that turns out to be the problem, make your cpu flatter or at least your cooler.

Use the "grain of rice" or the dot method because it spreads out perfectly on its own.

Good Luck!
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It should spread a bit more when you load the CPU as well. Besides, AS5 has a long curing time so with that in mind just fill her up, leaktest/bleed for a descent time and she how the temps get.
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So I booted the system and quickly went to bios to see the temps, it was around 23C.
Booted to Windows and it was showing low 30s...
Started up prime 95 and for about 20 minutes I was getting 65C under full load.

After about an hour the temperatures returned to where they were at around 50ish idle and low 80C peak under load.

The ambient temperature of the room is 20 - 25C.

Got all excited for a minute there frown.gif

BTW, I did change the jet plate from the get go to the 1366 which was 0.8mm thick I believe.
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That's weird. When you touch the CPU-block while stress testing, does it feel hot? What about the tubing as well as the air coming out of the radiator?

Sounds to me like the loop gets saturated quickly with heat, I bet that if you let your computer cool down the temps at first will be just fine at first again.
Only reason I can think of why the heat doesn't get dissipated is that the radiators still are full of air, rocking your case in all impossible positions and powercycling the pump should be able to solve that problem.
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