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Looking for a reliable 770 brand

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I am fairly new to PC building, but am very interested. I have seen some great benchmarks for the 770 and am just looking for a solid brand that is above the competition. Plan on doing a lot of gaming with maxed out setting on demanding games.

Or is there possibly a cheaper card that will do the remotely the same benchmarks that the 770 will offer.

This is my currently build.

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EVGA has the best warranty (3 years with no fuss) , MSI / ASUS have better component quality but less good warranty

The way EVGA works is:
HC (hydrocopper) liquid cooled, Classified is first tier (limited)
FTW = second tier , binned chips
SC (Super clocked) = third tier , low Overclock
and normal

ACX and Signature 2 just refer to the cooler. Signature 2 seems to only appear on GTX 6xx FTW / SC cards however.

See MSI GTX 770 board (with 100mm fans vs EVGA's 92mm and ASUS 80mm)

$400 http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?p=MSI-GTX770 , http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127741, OR http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=8201546

The Lightning is better than this

ASUS GTX770 board

The caveat here is ASUS is better out of the box temp-wise and that's probably due to a better heatsink (smaller fans+ better heatsink vs better fans with less efficient heatsink).


Hardwareluxx puts the GTX 770s are within 1dB of each other. TechPowerUp puts the ASUS and Gigabyte GTX 770 at 33 or 34dB on load with the MSI Gaming at 29dB and MSI Lightning at 34dB (heavily OCed though).
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Thanks for the very informed reply, I am overwhelmed :O

I will take all this into consideration.
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