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Modded Acer PREDATOR G5900

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First let me say i dont know much about pcs so please forgive me if this seems silly and my english isnt so great either so sorry for the grammer lol i have had this pc for alil over 2 years
About a year ago i replaced the graphics card with a gtx 580 and a new 750 psu and for that last year it has worked fine but recently when i was playing company of heros 2 on medium graphics which gets my pc sounding like a jet taking off about 1 hour into play my pc crashed and i got bsod bearing in mind i have completed company of heros 2 with this set up but i dont think i played for over a hour straight during the campain.
Also the side of my pc gets extremely hot on one side when playing games but i had aways ignored it but right now it is mid summer and its starting to worry me so i opened her up and took alook around inside theres 3 fans one on the heatsink and 2 more in the graphics card and after doing a bunch of reading on forums and watching videos on youtube i came to the conclusion that my set up could use an exhaust fan so i went and got a 120 mm corsair af quiet edition and hooked it up i didnt notice a huge diffrence in temp mabe 4 5 degrees but then i got bsod again this time not even playing a game with high graphics so i pullied it back out and havent had bsod since but havent been pushing it too hard on the gaming side my question is could adding this new fan have made things worst aka messed up the airflow inside the case or has adding this new fan put too much stress on the psu or do i have to do something weird bios to get it working properly ? or did the 4 viruses i found after i started panicking and yanked the fan back out cause the problem and im over reacting some advice from someone who know more about installing fans would help alot thank you in advance.
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well this is odd.

have you removed the viruses you said you found?

there is no reason that the fan should cause a BSOD, especialy if you say your temps improved.

what temps do you get on your cpu and gpu when at load? try prime 95 to stress your cpu and use a program like HWMonitor to read the temps
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yes i took out the viruses and since then no bsod but the only game ive been playing is rogue legacy which isnt graphic intensive, when the pc is idle the temp on the graphics card is about 64 c compared to 71 c without the fan and when playing company of heros 2 was geting it upto 82 c i didnt check the cpu temps at the time because they aways seemed pretty low i figured it was the graphics card that was over heating so didnt think it would matter

also i have 2 corsair airflow quiet edition 120mm fans i put one on the back as a exhaust fan before freaking out and removeing it and was thinking about useing the second as a intake fan but seeing as theres no mount on the side for a 120 mm fan and im not keen on taking a power drill to my pc to cut out a mount for it i was going to try and place it inside the case as close to the side as i can because the side of the case does have lots of holes to allow air intake theres just no mount, there is a spot for a 80 mm fan right in the front of the case but seeing as i have 2 120 mm fans would seem like a waste im waiting for a Startech 12 inch TX3 Fan Power Splitter Cable to get here tommorw because there was only 1 3 pin connecter on the mother board, also i didnt mention this but i was surprised to see this pc didnt come with an exhaust fan which is weird because its built for gaming which makes me think mabe its not surpose to have one, so my question is tommorw when my Fan Power Splitter Cable shows up do i put in both fans and come up with a make shift mount or do i leave well enough alone and just stop playing high end games when its mid summer ?
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your gpu idle temps seem really really high...it should be closer to 30-40c, not 60c

if you can maybe ziptie/tape the 2nd fan to the side panel like you suggested, that would be a good idea.

also i fear that your GPU may need to have its thermal compound reseated, but i dont know if you have the knowledge/confidence to do that yourself.

it is definitly odd that the computer did not come with an exhaust fan. ive seen many office computers (not meant for gaming) that have at least one case fan.
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When was the last time you cleaned your case, CPU and GPu coolers?
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ok i put on some new thermal compound on my cpu and its gone down to 44 c 10 degrees less than before which is good but my gpu that graphics card right lol is still pretty high still around 64 c but as i said its mid summer and my room is hot as hell anyway also i didnt even know graphics cards had thermal compound inside them my graphics card pretty much looks like a box would i have to take it apart to reseat the thermal compound?
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which gtx 580 do you have?
its pretty much a matter of removing screws for the shroud and the cooler, but its best if you kknow ahead of time what you are doing (google how to remove the cooler on your specific model)
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