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Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate if someone can please help me with the below issue:

I have a Lenovo U410 with 1TB HDD and a 24GB SSD (for cache).
After downgrading from Win8 (the laptop came with Win8 pre-installed) to Win7, I realized after a few weeks that my system does not boot as fast as it did before (when i had Win8) and that the SSD drive is not detected in Device Manager or in Intel RST.

I read in the Intel RST guide that BIOS SATA needs to be configured for RAID in order for SSD cache to work and when i checked BIOS it was under AHCI, so I changed to RAID, and after the RAID drivers were installed i then uninstalled/reinstalled the RST software, as described in

After this the SSD drive is still not being detected by Windows or RST (it`s just shows the HDD).

Does anyone have an idea of how can I fix this issue ?

Thank you !