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Lost OP Partition

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Somehow lost the OP partition on a Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB drive. Drive only has about 70GB of data on it. Trim is enable in Win 7 Pro, and I now have a message on the Magician software that replaces the option to engage OP with a note that there is insufficient disk space for creation of OP.

Simple question before calling Samsung or doing a complete drive erase. Would a new NTFS partition added to the drive FIX the problem allowing the software to allow OP? Should the issue simply be ignored? Should the drive be securely erase? Can create the drive partition in a minute or less, BUT will that fix the issue or create more problems??

-Drive worked fine and was installed on a new PC 2 weeks ago. Yesterday this issue arose after 2-4 BSOD on Friday and reinstallation of Windows 7. rolleyes.gif
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First of all, what does Windows Explorer show as the total capacity of that 840? That is, right click on the 840 and select Properties. That will show the current capacity of the drive.

When you reinstalled Windows, didn't that do a format of the disk?
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Samsung 840 Pro SSD has 238GB total space with 63.2GB used. The old copy of windows was maintained so Windows did NOT reformat the drive when it was reinstalled. The old copy of the prior windows install was removed yesterday.

Do have an image copy the system from about a week ago, but have not confidence it will work or that it will fix this issue.

Might try reinstall of old image before secure erase or calling Samsung. Clock is ticking on Newegg 30 day new purchase RMA...
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The Magician software may not be able to create the OP partition with the new and old Windows installations on the SSD. There is a limit to the number of partitions that can exist on a single, MBR formatted drive.

The Magician software may just be confused, and may just need to do another system scan for the system info page.
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The Samsung 840 Pro SSD has been securely erase using the Samsung boot disk created with their Magician software. Be aware the font on the boot program is a fubarred. Another poster gave detailed instructions on this site in another thread about the steps to follow. He he was right on. However, BE AWARE that if your SSD drive is your boot drive you should disconnect your other hard drives before the secure erase AND keep them disconnected until after the OS is reinstalled. If you keep them connected you will have big time problems with drive recognition.

The secure erase job returned the drive it's original state. Sad that Samsung can fix the font issues on their web site and the erase program accessed with the boot disk...
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