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popcornsmiley1.gif Interesting, any pics or scheme of that gadget Doyll?
Sorry but no. It is between fan and cooler on front of cooler, case blocks top and back, and GPU blocks bottom. Next time I have the cooler off I'll try to remember to take some.

Just make 4 pieces about 15mm taller & 25mm longer than distance from mobo to cooler. Folded a flap with the 15mm to fit under bottom of cooler and on ends to glue to next side and keep it flat. Cut openings in each piece as needed; front for fan to blow air in, sides and back for each of the heatsinks on my X58A-UD5. Had to trim a little on bottom to get fit to motherboard over small pieces.

Same technique as other ducts you've seen.thumb.gif

Cardboard tubes are handy for some things too. Like from TP, paper towels, etc.
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i'm pretty sure asus torture test their boards since they have a reputation to keep. i wouldn't worry about getting additional cooling to it. they torture test those boards inside a hot box for 24 hrs. the boards are designed to operate even if you are building a completely passive computer.
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