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So I recently decided to move my system essentials (OS, various drivers for computer internals and peripherals) from one HDD to another. As I set up my new computer, I noticed that a few things couldn't exactly be moved, such as my color calibration settings from my previous hard drive. I have not formatted the previous hard drive and still have everything running on it just in case I need to access it before I finally format. However, I would like to know if anyone knows how to help me get my settings back. I have gone to Start > Search "Color Management" and opened the Color Management application and chosen the same Device Profile under the Advanced tab. I have also downloaded all the previous drivers I had downloaded on my old HDD just in case, but my screen looks washed out and I don't know how I could go about applying the settings I used to have. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I could do? Besides Google anyways.