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Best Mini ITX motherboard ?

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Hi, I have purchased a bitfenix prodigy and I am now process of buying the components.

I am not sure which motherboard to get.. I will be mainly gaming, movies,internet and just pretty much an all purpose pc.

I am in austrlaia and wondering what is a good mini itx motherboard.

Here is some that I have found so far.



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MSY dont sell ITX products , both listed are mATX

IMO the best itx board would be the ROG impact though not yet available.

out of PCCG's list IMO i'd pick the asrock z87e-itx. gigabyte is doing it wrong by having the CPU socket in the wrong place.
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ohh, oops my bad.

well that was the motherboard I was going to get listed from pccasegear.

Do you know when the ROG impact will be available ?
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not too sure when then impact arrives but its going to be a while after release before it reaches aussie shores and it wont be cheap

so unless you dig the colour scheme or something on the impact that you want i'd just be happy with the asrock as it offers similar features
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Ok then asrock it is ! smile.gif

Thanks for your help.

While I am asking questions...

what do you think about this ram paired with the 4670k and the asrock board ?




Are they any good? I prefer to get my ram from msy, as it is cheaper.
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the patriot blue seemed like a good value fast ram not that intel systems could really make use if it but not a fan of tall heat spreaders as it could get in the way of alot of CPU coolers and im a sucker for colour scheme so i'd go for black
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ok black it is...

What sort of cpu cooler is the best for the 4670k that can fit in the prodigy ?
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the prodigy is just massive that almost any cooler can fit in it

i dont own the z87e-itx so i cant confirm which will guarantee fit/works best but given the CPU socket is in the right spot means most tower coolers would fit without issues

if you are on a budget then a coolermaster hyper212 is a good choice else a noctua D14 for undisputed air cooling performance

the D14 is on noctua compatibility list and the patriot viper3 should clear the sink according to noctua

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ok, I will check it out after I buy the mobo and cpu
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