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**I have had this problem which is now resolved however I am posting to help those who may have a similar problem, and like me could not find the spesific solution on any help forums**

I bought a new XFX 7950 HD card, removed all the old drivers and fitted the new card. It worked fine until I installed the Catalyst Control Centre Software. After the software was installed and the computer restarted I was not able to see past the windows loading (splash) screen. I found I was only able to view anything in windows safe mode which made any settings changed difficult as the Catalyst Control Centre was not able to run correctly in safe mode. Windows was detecting the monitors but no single was comming through without safe mode.

The solution was simple however I was unaware of this fact.

Solution: The issues I was having is the DVI-D output on the card were unable to work in the dual link cables I has running from the monitors to the graphics card. I swapped these out for DVI-D single link cables and problem solved.

I know many of you are gunna say thats obvious and how could I be so stupid however there may be someone out there who is as clueless as me. Hope this helps someone.