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Hi everyone.

I put two GTX 560 Ti's in my system a couple of years ago when Battlefield 3 came out. I immediately ran into a problem where a few minutes of gameplay in Battlefield 3 would crash my computer due to a driver failure or something. Sometimes the screen would just go black, sometimes the game and it's audio would freeze, making a crazy sound. I would always have to force shut down my computer.

I looked high and low for a fix and I found a few people having the same problem. Someone suggested upping the voltage of my GPU, and someone suggested that it might be because of a bad BIOS, and to try flashing it or something. I went with the easy way and tried upping my voltage with MSI Afterburning from 1.025 to 1.062 and it worked, and I could play Battlefield 3 to my heart's content.

Ever since then I've had problems with a lot of different games, and it never really seems to be consistent. For example, I played Saints Row the Third when it came out just fine (it would do the same thing as BF3 however if I didn't turn up the voltage) but recently it seems that it crashes even if I do turn up the voltage after a few hours or sometimes a few minutes of play. Exactly the same thing happened with Hitman Absolution, and also Civilization 5. However, Civilization 5 being the game I've been playing the most recently since Brave New World, I can go on plays of up to 12 hours continuously (that's Civilization for you) without any hiccups. Just yesterday I played all day with no problems, however today it crashes within the first 30 minutes. Also, many games never have any problem at all, even without cranking up the voltage. Normally it seems like the ones that cause less stress on my system work fine, but that's not always the case. I can play Arma 3, for example, just fine on the default 1.025 Voltage.

Today I ran some tests using MSI Afterburner and MSI Kombustor. All these tests are running fan speed on maximum. Also keep in mind that with games where the problem doesn't happen, I normally overclock to 950 MHz with voltage on 1.062.

- I set my core clock to 1000 MHz with voltage on 1.025V and ran the GPU Burn-In on Kombustor. With little surprise the driver and Kombustor stopped responding in less than 10 seconds.
- I set my core clock speed to 1000 MHz and my voltage to 1.1V and ran the GPU Burn-In on Kombustor. It worked for about a minute and a half before the driver crashed and Kombustor stopped responding. The GPU temperature went up to about 73 degress celcius.
- After that I figured that the problem is the voltage/core clock ratio, and that increasing the voltage enough without changing the core clock will fix my problem, so I cranked voltage to 1.1 and left core clock at it's default 900 MHz. Unfortunately after about 4 minutes of running the Burn-In test, at 79 degrees celcius, it also crashed, but this time it also crashed my entire computer, just like the games do when they crash.

This confuses me because after doing some research, I found that Nvidia has said the maximum safe temperature of the 560 Ti is 90 degrees, and mine crashed at 79 degrees only running at that for a few minutes. I've heard people say that while not recommended, 100 degrees is also safe. I also found that 1.1V is the safe maximum voltage of the card, but there were also reports that with sufficient cooling people could increase it up to 1.16 and even beyond. So why does mine crash so quickly and easily?

At this point, I'm willing to try anything to fix this. I'm not all that great with the very technical side of computers so I'm not to clear on how to flash a BIOS if that's what I have to do.

Sorry about this giant wall of text. I've tried to give as much information as I can in hopes that somebody can help me. Thanks to anyone who even tries.