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Strange voltage behavior on Asus 990x Evo 2.0

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Strange voltage behavior on 990x Evo 2.0

I have had this board along with a AMD FX 6300 for about a week now and all has been performing well. I have had the same overclock as follows, since pretty much getting the board...

CPU... 4922mhz
Mulit.. x22.5
Volts.. 1.5v in bios.

Now up until today this had been working fine, even during this extremely hot weather here idle temps around 40 and reaching upto about 60 during test and after long gaming hours. The volts would fluctuate slightly during tests, perhaps upto just over 1.52 something, and occasionally down to 1.488 while idle. I saw this as perfectly normal, my Phenom used to do the same with the Sabertooth board I had.

Now today, I am getting some strange behavior. Volts will sit at 1.5v during desktop, again slightly fluctuating down to 1.488. However the second I start any test... AMD Overdrive Stability test, AIDA 64 test or Prime 95 I don't get slight increases in volts instead the drop straight to 1.452 and fluctuate... 1.464, 1.488 and occasionally even low as 1.440. This causes my system to freeze or crash. 4.9 ghz being perfectly stable and cool on 1.5 but drops to 1.440 and most the time 1.452 during tests.

Im sure this shouldn't happen and was hoping someone might have insight as to why!?
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Ah I seemed to found the issue. After I had the settings above stable for aslong as I have I started reducing Load Line Calibrations and Current Capacity and it comes down to the CPU Load Line.

While finding my stable overclock I always had this at extreme. At this setting it will run at bios setting in OS. But as you go down (its has Auto < Regular < Mediuam < High < Ultra High < Extreme) the setting the voltage in OS will reduce incrementally to what the bios setting is.

I had reduced to Ultra High and not had any freezes or crash's and thus tried High. Still, seeing as the default setting is Auto and the lowest is regular I still wouldn't of thought that the High setting would actually make the voltage decrease considerably in tests to what it is idle in OS! Is this normal?
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