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Yea thank for the info it will probably help me with the overclock im on the intel side now lga 775 old overclocking thing lol.. not the same thing on amd..

Yea i find that on Google the gif..

Max 71 before throttle? a k quick Google seach

AFAIK the max 24/7 temp for the FX-6300 is 70C. For the 8-core FX processors it's 61C. So all you care about is that your FX-6300 doesn't exceed 70C under max load, which it should not with proper cooling.

65c max 1.55volt max Let go biggrin.gif now waiting for money

I know is another reason why i love the 6300 is overclock better than 8350 biggrin.gif and singlethreaded overclocked is better than 8350 stock i think
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