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@abduct, I know vnc isn't part ofWindows. I never said it was.

Agreed about the firewall (I secure linux systems for a living so have played around with the same exploites myself smile.gif ), but you're talking about less than 1% of the population that can do that. Plus you can still block most of that stuff if you really know what you're doing and are really that paranoid. But like with most infrastructures, if someone is already inside your network then the most determined hackers will usually find a way around your firewalls et al

the way you worded it it sounded like it, but i knew what you meant was just poking fun.

agreed for the second part.

this was the specific one i helped write for the wiki,

then over here i made most of the 32bit shellcodes and aided in development with the 64bit ports/other code.

but yea i agree theres very few people out there that could pull this off and not only that, there are very few circumstances which this could essentially be pulled off. it's not very often a remote bof is found in the wild for popular software.