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Memtest86 question on wrong reporting and test options...

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I am currently testing my sig rig for ram issues. I thought i might have had been having issues with some of my ram from crashes during BF3 but yesterday i threw my memtest on last night and it only got 11minutes in before it errored out but my ram is only showing as 800Mhz when it pops up on the test. My ram is OC'd to native 2133Mhz so i was thinking that 1333Mhz difference might make a difference.

Is there a setting i can change or something i can do... or is my ram actually being tested at the bios setting of 2133Mhz?

Last notes:
Test was conducted with all 4 sticks in as a general test before i was going to narrow down to the prob...
Yes, everything is up to date.... please dont ask
and yes, my ram is actually at 2133Mhz... via Bios, CPU-Z, etc...
Is Memtest dead??? i have read a few forums with people saying that memtest is a waste of time now, and if so... any alternatives?

THANKS ALL thumb.gif
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MemTest (especially old versions) do sometimes give out wrong frequency readings.
If you're really running the mems at 1066MHz / DDR3-2133, then it's most likely your Thuban IMC (memory controller) that can't cope with 16Gb at such clocks. Try raising NB/HT voltage, but if that doesn't gain stability - you'll have to back down to DDR3-1866.
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well i didnt think it would be my thubans fault but i just DL'd the newest memtest... (went from 4.2 to 4.3) so i will try that but as for my voltages... i have increased my NB/HT voltage a bit... i cant remember what was default but here is a pic of HW monitor up with 2 windows of CPU-Z up for reference.... (i just took this pic). Any further help on this subject would be great... i also ran another sweeping test of memtest over all 4 sticks earlier while i was out... i made it 5 hours before i errored or something like that... showed lots of errors but was still running unlike last time, it was on test 5 so i am starting to think i might have a bad stick... hopefully just a bad stick and not a bad slot... i have pushed this system a bit but not ridiculously in my opinion but it is my first official rig that i ever seriously tried to OC all around... thanks!
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Your NB is your memory controller, and I'm seeing some strange voltage readings in that screenshot.
Do you have the same voltage readings using another program like HWinfo64?
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I find it remarkable that you're able to boot 16Gb with Thuban at DDR3-2133, normally these chips already start struggling at DDR3-2000 with 4Gb/8Gb. Try raising CPU/NB to 1.275-1.300V and see if this makes errors disappear. If not - you might have to tune down to 1000MHz RAM (and 250x16 on CPU, same 4GHz) and tighten the timings (say, to 8-10-9-24).
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kk... as for Nov, all my readings i posted were correct... i checked in bios to be sure.... which is also updated thumb.gif

Now Sam, yeah to be honest i am still fairly new somewhat to overclocking and i just kinda read a little and then went for it. i know how to get all the voltages changed and my bios gui is actually nice in the regards that as i manualing increase my voltage the value will eventually turn yellow and then red as i get closer to what the board itself considers too much which makes it somewhat reassuring... but i know i have room to increase my CPU/NB voltage but what about increasing any other voltages? i will try to post a few pics from my bios... yes my bios allows me to save screenshots to a usb... for reference and i would greatly impreciate any feed back on settings... like i said... i just kinda did what i figured was best... and i would really like to reach 4.2Ghz with this cpu (no matter how much i have heard that it cant be done). i have adiquit cooling and i have plenty of pwr coming from my 1kw psu... i also have all power connects on the mobo hooked up and i dont run a single fan off of it anyhow (except the body/pump to my all-in-one cpu cooler). thanks for any help spam1.gifbiggrin.gif
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kk as of so far, i upped my voltages on CPU/NB, NB, ans HT Link. I also bumped my ram voltage up, but considering the nice heatsinks they have and the dual 40mm fan sitting on top of them, not to worried about a bit more voltage...... any more suggestions on posible other things to look into, or tips on increasing my performance? i snapped a ton of pics for u guys to give u first hand on my numbers... most are straight out of my bios... let me know if u see any problems or suggestions... THANKS ALL

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sry last too pics are messed up... here u go

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