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Need help choosing..

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Me and a friend are looking for a nice server to put into our apartment.
What we plan on to do with it:
  • Media Server
  • File Server
  • Game Server
  • Look at what we can learn from a server standpoint

Now we have been running off my old AMD gaming computer, and have been using windows server 2012. Not everything is fully functional, because there are not actual drivers for it, but we did what we could.

Now I have been looking on ebay for the past day, I know the minute I buy one, somebody is going to be like oh here is one that is 10x better at the same price. I know some of you guys are good at looking through Ebay and finding the best.

What we are looking for is 2x the CPU, just because we want it, and it's basically cool lol, we want to see how we can utilize that in an actual server . Highest amount of ram. hard drives are pretty much covered, wouldn't hurt tho. We have about 8tb worth of drives to use. also I need there to be actual drivers for windows server 2012 for the hardware.

We are trying to go as cheap as possible! Thanks for all your help for anybody that does actually help us!
If you have any questions, I would be more then happy to answer!

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we need a bit more detail as far as what you are trying to do as far as limits.


How much storage are you looking at? Are you backing up Blu-ray disks? How many users are you going to stream to? Freenas would be a good option if your looking at building a good NAS for that use.


How old is old on the AMD gaming computer? Hardware specs? you might be able to reuse that system for another purpose or just do some heavy upgrades and get it up to snuff.


What kind of games are you wanting to run on the server? different games require different specs... some GPU heavy and some CPU heavy along with massive ram requirements *16gigs min* . Also, is this a home gaming server and not online or will this be online as well?


These are big questions and to be honest, I wouldn't go with an all in one solution unless you have some great experience with vlans, and running things with VMs.

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you need to do some more research into servers. asking for dual socket servers is one thing but "highest amount of ram possible?" that will put you back at least 500$ seeing as server ram goes up to 192 or 512gb iirc, by that time finding a actual server on ebay that is selling that is next to none and you would be looking at paying 1 grand plus for one.

also what kind of server are you looking for? some desktop looking business servers? rack servers?

are you planning on doing any visualization (allocating ram and cores per virtual machine), or just creating user accounts on the box.

if you are looking at something to just dick around with look for 1u rack servers with 2x xeon quad cores 2.4-2.8ghz and 16gb of ram. that will put you around the 300-400$ price point. if you need something cheaper 2x single core xeons at 8gb ram start at around 70$ and 2x dual cores start at around 170$

edit:: be aware of shipping charges. some ebay sellers overcharge on their shipping. i saw some people selling 200$ servers with 500$ shipping.
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