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Dimensions are 22" x 13.8" x 9" exterior and interior is 19.75" x 11.00" x 7.60"

I basically picked this case because it is the largest case I could find that met the legal carry on size so I can take this with me when I travel. I was considering dropping around 1.2k on a laptop so I can photoshop/game on the road, but even a 1.2k laptop is gonna be laggy. So, I want to turn one of my gaming rigs into something I can take with me and setup relatively easily. I would like to modify this case to essentially house all computer components in the base and a monitor in the top portion. Having said that there are a few things I am taking into consideration and I ask that you guys help me brainstorms as well as help answer some of my questions.

1. The issue of this case being made out of entire plastic has me worried somewhat about it building a static charge, do I need to worry about this? If so, how can I static proof the inside?

2. I normally use a big chassis, so my CPU coolers are really large. I wanted to use a thinner CPU cooler to make this as compact as I can, so I was considering a liquid cooler such as an H50, but I feel like that could turn out horribly wrong since I will be lugging this around frequently. Could someone share some light on this?

3. The monitor in the lid is going to be heavy, the lid might need some reinforcement to prevent the hinges from breaking. What would you guys recommend I do for that extra reinforcement? Think I should strip down a monitor and reconstruct it in the lid itself? All this would require is some plexy glass in the front to hold everything in and I could get this custom sized I am sure I know I will need some kind of ventilation for the monitor, can anyone think of any issues I might have doing this?

4. The case is plastic and will hold in heat, so I will need to cut some fan spots out on the case. Any ideas on where I should position the ventilation? Also, when I drill the holes I will need some rubber grommets, anyone have experience drilling fan holes and making customs slots for fans? I just want some tips and advice before I mangle a $150 case.

5. I was considering the idea of getting a PCI-E extender and mounting the graphics card somewhere along the side of the case instead of mounting it directly on the Mobo, hopefully that would save some space. Would this cause issues with heat displacement? Or do you think this could be okay with the proper air flow? Will this even really save me space?

6. I believe that my only option for a HDD is a SSD, since this is going to be doing a lot of travel and it has wheels this would be the safest option right? Think a laptop hard-drive would be okay in this? I'm just really ruling out standard hard-drives. Anyone willing to share their thoughts on this would be helpful.

7. I also plan on putting in a CD/DVD drive into this along the side as well, for this I would like to make a rectangular cut that would fold back in place when not in use. Can anyone think of a way for me to form a seal that would still allow a standard DVD/CD burner to open from the inside, but for rain to stay out on the outside?

8. Pelican boasts it's ability to float in sand water and to be 100% waterproof, i'm not looking for this to float on water but it would be fantastic if I could make this rain/spill proof. Any ideas on how I could keep rain and water from getting into the areas I cut into? Such as the ventilation areas and the plugin areas?

9. Does anyone actually think I could go smaller than the above dimensions? Keep in mind the 22" x 14" x 9" maximum size for carry on.

10. I have a few old laptops, think I could rip the displays out of those and reuse them? I searched around and all I could find were people mentioning that it couldn't be done for under $200 etc etc, but these were from 2007-2008. I have a spare monitor I know I can use, but the laptop screen would save space.

I don't expect everyone to answer every question I propose, but any information you guys can share with me I would very much appreciate it. I will hopefully start work on this project next week or the week after, just gotta wait until I have enough to pick up the materials. I will be posting pics along the way.
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