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Is my HDD dying?

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When I check the SMART Status, it says everything is fine.

Here's a benchmark from HD Tune. Nothing else is running in the background. Is this supposed to be a straight-ish line?

And the "Error Scan" from HD Tune doesn't complete. I let it run over night and it only completed like 5% of the scan so I just quit. It didn't find anything wrong up to that point.

Some background: A 4 year old laptop that is now terribly slow when booting up (takes maybe 10 minutes) and opening programs; but after getting everything open, it runs just fine. I just tried reformatting with a clean install and there was no improvement. Is there anything else I should consider that may cause the slow performance?
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SMART is only a representation of when your drive thinks things are about to go bad, it's not a sure fire way of diagnosing whether or not your HDD is dying.

Run Seatools for it - http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/202435en
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