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conflicted about choosing a case, thinking about a reverse motherboard tray (also complainants about switch 810)

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Hello, I currently own a switch 810 and quite honestly have not been very satisfied. What appealed to me when I first purchased this case was the huge side window on the side. Come to learn the insides of cases tend to get quite dusty and its pushed onto the inside of the window. Personally this is starting to turn me off from side windows all together, so generally speaking I think I am leaning more towards a case without a side window. Another complaint I have about the case is its just too large, I did not have a problem with it at first but honestly I need something more compact, I am ok with a case being somewhat wider though. The plastic on this case is really starting to turn me off, so again leaning towards something aluminum or steel completely. I am not going to dive into all the reasons why the plastic is bothering me I just know I dont want it. I need some room for water cooling which was another reason I purchased this case, so I am looking for just a little water cooling support in the next case I purchase. As far as the whole reverse motherboard tray I have been thinking about doing, I dont have to it was something id like to try out is all. I would like to also try a different branded case perhaps I havent before such as lian li or silverstone, others recommended are fine. Looking to spend right under $200 for a case is about how high I will go. If there is not enough information posted let me know if you need more to recommend a case, thanks.
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if you can spend just alittle more, I think the FT02 would be what you are looking for. it's a good looking case with a good sized window. the difference is all of FT02 intake fans are filtered. so minimal dust inside the case. depending on how dusty your house is. you can get away with cleaning the filters anywhere between 1 month to 3 months. and you will need to get a can of air and blow out the small amount of dust that gets by the filter maybe once a year.

the good news is your sapphire 7970 is one of the best for vertical mounting so that part is of no concern. you wont lose much cooling ability if you switch to vertical mounting
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I am looking into the case now, def looks like something id be interested in getting. Just going to do a little more research on the case first.
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if you are interested in the case, I will point out some of the weaknesses of the case so you are making an informed decision.

1. HORRID pain job biggrin.gif it's a common complaint that the paint chips easily (my own unit included) really wish they'd fix this

2. limited liquid options w/o modding. the only "stock" option is the 120mm exhaust vent on the top. they DO include 2 plastic brackets so you can mount a 240mm rad right over the AP181 fans... but those brackets are not very well designed and "feels" like a ghetto solution then a proper mod. they could have done a better job with those brackets and maybe design it with 140mm fan rads in mind as well.

"proper" liquid cooling requires extensive modding and cutting into the mobo tray and modding the HDD cage as well... however this is your reward for all that work biggrin.gif

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85

remember all those people bragging about their 360 rad being able to fit in their case internally? biggrin.gif yah that's the smaller one in the picture biggrin.gif

3. there are still plenty of "plastic" parts in the FT02. tho aesthetically you wouldn't notice it too much since the plastic is wrapped in a steel shell. many owners (myself included) wished they'd make the top cover with metal rather then metal covered plastic... small gripe but it wears on you over time since we tend to want to keep our FT02 for a LOOOOONG time.

4. one of the BIGGEST complaints is space behind mobo tray... there is "enough" room for cable management, BUT not a comfortable amount. so you have be take extra time and effort to keep things tidy. and not have the back side panel bulge out from extra cables if you are running a SLi/Xfire can be "challenging"

5. a less known but important "issue" when dealing with a vertically mounted GPU is you REALLY should try to select a cooler that works well with vertical mounting. ideally you want reference design where the heat is exhausted out the top of the case (normally back side if you are using a conventional case) however we all know reference design is LOUD.

so using a none reference design, you want to select an external exhaust heatpipe/fin orientation like shown here

however not all external exhaust orientation coolers are "great" for vertical mounting. take this unit for example


you have a total of 3 heat pipes. and all 3 of them terminates below the heat source when mounted vertically. the top 2 pipes (to the right of the picture) will still work, but not ideally, but the 3rd pipe extends too far below the heat source to be of any use. so essentially, you have 2 heatpipes working for you in this unit which is not ideal

finally you have the internal exhaust design which is shown here


when mounted vertically, ALL heatpipes are vertical so all liquid drains to the bottom of the heatpipe and never has a chance of being heated by the GPU in the 1st place... heatpipes use capillary action to "pump" the liquid inside the pipe and that much vertical drop is simply beyond the capability of the wick inside to do much. so you have to be very picky as to how the heatpipes are designed so you avoid exceeding the limitations of the heatpipe capillary action. some people HAVE used internal exhaust coolers with varying degree of success, however it would not work as efficiently as an external exhaust unit.

fortunately, the sapphire vapor-x 7970 you own happens to be the best one on the market that i've fond for vertical orientation (i own the exact same unit tongue.gif ) with that unit you have 4 heatpipes working for you out of 5 possible pipes. together with the superior airflow design of the FT02 you should get some good results.
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