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Windows 8 64-bit
GTX 780m
16GB Kingston HyperX
128GB Corsair Force GS (Windows installed)
1TB Disk drive

I got a new laptop. I have been using it steadily for about a week now, with no issues. Today, a program I downloaded somehow deleted a start menu folder (which had some of the tiles for Windows 8), so I performed a System Restore, and had no problems using the computer.
However, the computer told me it had some windows updates that needed to be installed, so I restarted my computer to install the updates. Problem is, when the computer reboots, Windows acts like it's a fresh wiped drive. It's got the "Learn how to use Windows 8 while we prepare your computer" thing going, and when my computer finally boots up, it's completely wiped. No tiles at the start menu to speak of. Desktop is completely wiped except for the Recycle Bin. Can't open Windows Explorer. Can't search for any programs. Just a blank computer.
So, I was quite confused and worried, so I shut down my computer. Reboots normally. Everything back to normal. What just happened, and should I be concerned?
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