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Upgrading to water - questions and parts choices

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Sup everybody. So I'm finally pretty sure I'm going to make the jump to water cooling. I've posted on another forum and want a second opinion. I think I have all my parts set on what I want I just have a few questions to clarify some things.
Current Specs
i7 920 (Not oc'd yet, planning to when I go to water)
GTX 570HD (full cover block ugh hard to find)
Corsair 850 psu
MM U2-UFO case
That's probably all you need to know so I'll leave out the rest.

Now for the parts I've picked to go to water cooling. If anything is terrible here let me know but from the research I've done everything seems solid... enough.

CPU Block - Heatkiller Rev 3.0 (Preferably the black nickel one if I can find it)

GPU Block - EK-FC570 GTX SE Rev 1.1 (This is the only 570 HD full block I've been able to find, if anyone knows of more please let me know. No choices here from what I've found)

Pump/Res combo - MCP655 with a FrozenQ Dual Bay Res
Here is one of my questions. There are different MCP655s such as PWM Drive, Perfectly Tapped, Full Version on frozencpu.com. What exactly is the difference with these and will they all fit in the FrozenQ dual bay mount kit? I understand the B version has no speed controller and the non B version does but as to what those three are I have no clue.

Radiator(s) - So I calculated a TDP of 349 without OC and thats not the HD version of the GTX. I figure give it 50 leeway and round up to 400. I assume that means I should get a triple and single rad to be safe? Is this correct or would you do the same?
XSPC RX 360 and 120.

Loop --- Pump/Res Combo ---> 360 Rad ---> CPU Block ---> 120 Rad ---> GPU Block ---> Pump Res
or would Pump/Res Combo ---> CPU BLock ---> 360 Rad ---> GPU Block --- 120 Rad --- Pump Res be better
or would another way be better?

Tubing - Primochill Primoflex a multitude of colors

Compression Fittings - I believe with this setup I will need a total of 10 compression fittings is this correct?

Distilled Water

If I missed anything let me know. Taking all advice gratefully. If I need to research more be brutally honest and tell me to go home and research more and I happily will but I feel like these last few questions are just clarification to make sure I'm not forgetting anything stupid or not understanding something like I should be.

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Looks good. You could do it without the 120 I think. I have 470sli and a 4770k on a 360 here. Mid 30s in the summer. Good fans are essential.
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Cool thanks for the fast reply. And for fans I forgot to mention I think I'm going with Yate Loons. A huge part of this build is getting a disco aesthetic thing going and with yates and can change the LEDs.
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