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ok so for the past year i have been using a GT440 512MB DDR5 graphics card,

I first started using it in my old desktop computer, it worked as soon as i plugged it in. About a year later i bought a new computer with these specs:

8GB DDR3 Ram
AMD A8-5500 Processor (APU)
300 Wat Power Supply
DX4380 Motherboard
Windows 8

So when i first got the new computer i plugged the card in and started the computer,as soon as the computer turns on the screen immediately flashes "entering power save mode" and then the monitor turns off mad.gif So about 3 months later i decided to try again so i plugged the card in and the computer and it worked fine with it, i played with the card for about 5 months and then i removed the card to get some dust out of the case. when i was done cleaning i popped the card back in and bam "entering power save mode" popped up and i cant seem to find anyway to fix it, i even tested the card in my old computer and it works fine, i have no idea why it is doing this PLEASE HELP