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choosing the right cpu

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I'm planning my first build so I can have a computer for college, I have the majority of my components selected but the CPU is the one thing I'm still having second thoughts about. I was originally gonna go with a 3930k for the CPU but I'm having second thoughts if its worth it, since I've heard that ivy bridge-e is coming later in the year. Unfortunately I can't wait due to school coming up and the only PC I have is ****ty laptop. I'm planning on using my PC for gaming, game capture, video/audio/picture editing (with adobe cs6, my recording devices are a GoPro hero 3 black and an avermedia live gamer hd) and 3d cad (since I'm an engineering major). Will the 4770k suffice for my needs or should I just go with a 3930k?

My current parts:
Corsair c70 case
Corsair ax1200i PSU
Corsair vengeance 32gb 2133mhz ram
Corsair h100i w/ noctua fans
Corsair gtx ssd 480gb
Asus sabertooth mobo
Asus blu ray writer
Creative sound blaster zxr sound card
Evga gtx 780 acx 3gb
Avermedia live gamer hd
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Go with the 3930k now, and use that for a couple of years. IVY-E isn't a real upgrade to SB-E.

You can upgrade then when Haswell-E is mature, the real upgrade to SB-E.
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