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First WC Build, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey guys, been following this website for quite some time but never really had a need to post anything..until now smile.gif

I'm looking to build a silent watercooled miniITX pc, while still looking good sitting on my desk.
I'm looking to cool a Haswell 4670K cpu and either a single gtx780, or a new 9000 series AMD card when they are released.
Also hoping to get the new ASUS ROG Impact miniITX motherboard when that comes out.
Probably won't be doing a heap of overclocking, i'm watercooling primarily for silence. But it would be good to have a scalable system (fans can speed up if need be, and still be efficient).
I'm pretty much convinced that the Caselabs Mercury S3 is the right case for the job. (Open to suggestions, as it will cost me close to $500 AUD to import).

I will be able to run the front rad fan in either push or pull, and the top rad fans in push, pull, or push/pull (with the extended top cover option of the caselabs case).

What i'm having trouble with is choosing the pump, res, rads and fans.

I'm in Australia so my parts will hopefully be from either PCCaseGear or TheKoolRoom.

I'm looking to have 3x3.5" hdd's mounted in a 2x5.25" hotswap enclosure in the front-bottom of the Mercury S3, and can therefore only fit a 120mm rad in the front and a 240mm rad in the top of the case.

Due to the limited space, i'm wondering if I should go with a CPU block/pump combo like the Swiftech Apogee Drive II. And a reservoir/radiator combo in the top like the Swiftech MCR-X20 Drive Rev3.

From my research, people tend to recommend the D5 or MCP655 pumps the most. Will these pumps be necessary given the small size of the loop? (120mm rad, 240mm rad, res, cpu and single gpu). Or will the Swiftech Apogee Drive II be sufficient and be able to run at low noise/RPM?

For the rads, I quite like the XSPC AX series. I'm going for silence and these seem to beat both the XSPC RX and EX series at low fan speeds. There's also the Alphacool UT60 which tends to get a lot of recommendations also. Any suggestions?

For the fans, I'm currently looking at the Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12 series. I've read these are better (quieter) in push configuration, rather than pull. I notice that the Gentle Typhoons get recommended a lot also, but I can only seem to find the 1850 RPM model these days..is this the only model now? Any suggestions on PWM vs set RPM fans? The ASUS ROG motherboard has 4 "fully controllable" (PWM?) fan headers, so i'm hoping I won't need a fan controller.

I'm also hoping to have an easy fill/drain system, maybe with the use of t-lines at the top and bottom?

Once again, i'm a silence freak and my current Silverstone FT02 on air is doing my head in..and that is sitting on the floor! I want to be able to have this on my desk and be quieter. I don't really have a budget as long as it is within reason. So make what you will of that! biggrin.gif

I think that covers it for now..so thanks guys!
It would be awesome to hear some opinions specific to my build.

Cheers thumb.gif
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Swiftech Apogee Drive II rocks! i would recomend that. i would get XSPC AX becuase I like the look alot more. dont get noiseblockers.. get gentle typhoons and a fan fancontroller with the 1800rpm versions so you have some headroom. (and yes you should be able to use mobo fan control)

i wouldnt worry about drain at the bottom too much clutter for what its worth when your ready to disasemble you can just pull cpu block out and pull the tube off outside the case.
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