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Looking for a simple & cool case

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I am in the market for a computer case that is simple in design and relatively efficient at keeping cool. I am not interested in cases with side panels, led's or anything fancy. I have a maximum size constraint of 10 inches wide by 22 inches tall and 22 inches long. which i don't think should be an issue.
One issue i face is that i have a lot of dust in my home, while adding dust filters over any open areas on the case is an option i would like to keep the case as closed as possible without reducing cooling efficiency too drastically. A case with built in dust filer(s) is ideal.

I prefer aluminum or steel but i am open minded, Under 30lbs in weight is another requirement.
I am going to be using air for cooling and flow, the plan is to use an aftermarket heatsink/fan for the cpu.
Low profile memory and a GeForce GTX 700 Series Graphics Card.
The motherboard i plan to use is the GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD4H

My budget is a maximum of $150 for the case.

I did look through a few pages in the computer cases section of the forums and found there to be a lot of "tricked out" "fancy" cases which i have no interest in.
I prefer the black metal, rectangular look myself but as i said previously am open to ideas.

Thank you for taking time to read this thread.
If anyone has the time to toss me a couple of ideas i would greatly appreciate their time.
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Take a look at the NZXT H630 (not the Phantom 630). That case just falls within your specs and costs less than $150. There are a number of reviews including one from AnandTech.

Another case to check is Fractal Design's Define R2 XL. Less expensive, but weighs 36 pounds. Like the H630, reviews abound.

There are other cases, of course, but the two I mentioned are great cases and a good start.
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Take a look at pretty much any Lian Li or Fractal Design. Or the older Obsidian series cases ( 650D, 800D ). And a few of the Silverstone cases out there fit your description.

Just a few companies there that focus on that primary look tongue.gif
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