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Originally Posted by deepor View Post

It was done without heatsinks. They ripped them off if I understood it right. It's through Google translation from that Czech article.

The following page is more interesting: http://pctuning.tyden.cz/hardware/zakladni-desky/27306-test-ctyr-desek-intel-z87-vcetne-mereni-termokamerou-ii?start=12


So whats the most ya'll are running on your ring voltage? or cache voltage for asus folks (I think?) Seems the haswells really struggle up there past 45. 46 takes me 1.35v which is basically around what theyre labeling as max and for 47 it takes me another full tenth which is where I stop lol. 1.45v on my vring for 4700 on the uncore. Wondering if im crazy or I should back it off. Temps are a-ok so just concerned if insta death one morning is gonna be a likelihood. considering the age of the haswells now, there really isn't "that" much info out there.
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klepp0906 whats the point of having the uncore that high? I find no performance gains from 38 to 44 so the only thing you are doing is raising the voltages and get instability with that uncore...
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So i have my i5 running @ 4,5 GHz with uncore @ 4,3 GHz. Should i run the uncore 100 MHz below the core so at 4,4 GHz. (I know that There isnt a performance boost, just for stability or is 200 MHz below fine?)
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You can run it even at 38 with no problem what so ever
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So i could run 4400 MHz uncore instead of 4300 MHz
My question is , if its OK to run it 100 MHz below core because in the guide is written that it should be 200-300 below Core....
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Its ok to run it with less 100MHz yes no Problem....
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You mean i should run 4400 MHz uncore with 4500mhz core instead of 4300mhz uncore?
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Dude! Just run the highest you can get stable.
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I ran 4600/4600 for the longest, always tried to keep them even, but beyond this point my uncore simply can't keep up without stupid high voltages. Pretty much everyone's will max out at 4.7 or so.
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ok ok, then i will try 1:1 tomorrow again and when it doesnt work i set 4,4 GHz uncore. :b
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