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We live in a old house with pretty shoddy phone lines. When it rains sometimes we get very bad static on the line and a few days ago it was the worst it has ever been. We got steady rain for about 3 days and over that period our DSL service was losing sync every hour or so to begin with and near the end it was dropping about every 30 seconds and eventually out completely. During the few times it was working I ran some speed tests and noticed something odd about my ping. Testing to the closest server I usually got ping around 15-25 and these recent tests I ran were getting 55-65. I thought nothing of it at the time because our lines were so messed up I figured that was the culprit.

Fast forward to today we just finished running a brand new Cat5e cable directly from the NID and plugged it directly into the modem. Everything is running perfect now except my ping is still 55-65 to a server that is less than 10 miles away. I contacted AT&T support and they were blaming it on peak usage hours. I have had this connection for several years and have probably run hundreds if not thousands of speed and ping tests over the course of that time. No matter what time I tested the ping would never get over 25... whether it was 6 pm or 3 am.

I have a few results I was able to get from the site but since I often clear my browsing data I only have a very small amount of tests but it still shows that my ping was very consistent 20-21ms across various times of the day.

The first test on the 18th at 7:45 pm was the one AT&T support asked me to run, but I was having the high ping issues before that. Probably closer to the 14th. But ever since that I have been running tests daily and the ping is consistently higher. Every online game I play also is averaging 40-50 higher ping than before, so 20 became 60... 50 became 95... etc. Now all my games feel laggy and unresponsive.