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Minecraft Problems... :(

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My Minecraft does have mods installed (im using the Tekkit Lite pack) and when i get on the game is fine, no lagging or anything. But a few minutes latter the chunk updates goes from around 20-50 chunks to 200+ chunk updates and my fps goes to 0 and crashes the game. I even have 6 GB allocated just for Minecraft. What could I do to decrease the amount of chunk updates?
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Try installing Optifine and see if that helps at all. Great for performance tweaking and boosting your framerates:


And as far as other mods go, try:

Autoswitch (very useful, esp when mining).

Light Level Overlay - very useful for conserving torches. Shows exactly where mobs can and can't spawn, and the light level of any flat surface. Can be toggled with 1 button.

EnchantingPlus - allows you to choose your enchantments. Only for SP

MoreXP - if you're lazy like me, get a mod which gives you a lot more XP.
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I have Optifine installed I just dont know how to use the mod...
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In video settings set chunk loading to multi-core, and under performance make sure chunk updates per frame is set to 1.

In other settings make autosave 3min.

Does that help?

Also, what CPU/GPU do you have?
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Thanks for the help. Though I have fixed my problem by removing the mod Forestry. Now I'm getting around 100+ FPS and less lagging!!
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