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Asus Sabertooth z77 Temp Problems

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K I own an asus Sabertooth z77 and it keeps telling me my Vcore (back) and Motherboard are in the Minus, I checked out the motherboard to make sure it was not a heat issue but the mobo is not hot at all when ever i get these weird temps, I did try installing the prevous drivers but it refuses to boot the asus AI Suite when i go back a driver i have included a photo and i cant figure out if it is a Mobo problem or driver problem can anyone help out??
Cheers PunkedG

(dont be afraid to talk tech cause i am good at pcs)
also just posting this to see if anyone has had this problem
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I am getting the same thing on my sabertooth. Not sure what is causing it. I use a corsair h100i to cool the pc and my house is cool. I find that lately I'm getting weird lockup's on my system as well. Sorry I know none of this helps but I am experiencing the same problem and just thought I would share.
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Although not the same, I had the similar temp problem with sabertooth z77 board. I always get +127 degree celcius warning when I am gaming. and my motherboard is quite hot at idle too, around 45 C. However, I have not experienced any negative effects to my computers. My oc is stable at 4.6 GHZ. Memory OCed at 2133, Grahpics also OCed. So I guess, it's just a software problem or sensor problem, not a hardware problem. Hope that helps.
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