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A few years back I bought a pair of Akg701. I love the sound together with my Essence Stx. I have been extremely careful in handling this little puppy. It looks almost like new. So a few weeks ago I began having issues with the sound breaking up. Apart from being extremely careful I have bound both the cord on the side of the headphones and on the adapter so that it cannot be bent, twisted, pulled or otherwise manipulated. This because this is the place where most errors occur.

However a week or so ago I began getting no sound on one of the headphones. It got worse and worse and I decided to call AKG support in my country. They said that they could fix it for ~70 euros. Ok fine. However this guy sounded confident in what the error was so I decided to go by my local little mum and pap electro store. He said its probably not the cord and that it was some filters probably inside. I called back and this time the guy from the support told me that there is a problem with the akg phones that he claimed noone from akg would ever acknowledge it. When you pull the phones apart as you need to when putting them on theres a design flaw that puts strain on this very cord, even though you cant see it when you open them.

Error is relatively easily fixed though, I dont feel like spending so much money on something that takes ~5 mins. Here´s how:

Not me that did the video and I´d like to thank him who did. He failed to mention that you cant just lift the plastic part after removing the screws, there are hooks on the sides that you need to press in.

So my tip is only get these phones if you can be bothered to repair them or send them to be repaired. I also think its despicable by akg that they dont acknowledge this error and pay for it. It would be one issue if I had been treating them poorly but they really are pristine.