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Hey guys, and girls!

Heres another one for ya - im doing a new build, themed in white and black colors and my 7970 has a blue pcb (eeew..)
so im looking for a backplate that will fit with the air cooler on it.
Its only for the visual looks of it! - cause the case will have a window - motherboard will have thermal shield and so on - i dont wanna see much pcb smile.gif

Backplate can be any color, cause i might aswell paint if - if it dosnt match..

Found this one myself - which i kiiinda like but.. will it fit?
Its in the US it seems, if i can find it in the EU, it could be my winner (if it fits with the current cooling on the GPU)

Card is:, GV-R7970OC-3GD

Any suggestions or anyone know about this?

Thanks in advance!