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Wanted: Corsair AX850 or greater

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for a Corsair AX850 or higher wattage Corsair AX-series PSU. Has to be a AX full-modular as I really don't want to have to rewire my case and they are quality power supplies.

I currently have an AX650 and am concerned some of my issues I'm having running crossfire 7950s might be my PSU being a bit weak for 'em.

If by some fluke you have an AX850 you think is overkill, I'd gladly trade my AX650 just the PSU itself, no cables and throw in some cash. I'm also okay w/ an AX850 missing a couple cables or packaging, however I would expect a discounted price.


EDIT: ended up being a bad storage controller driver causing the issue. closed.
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