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I'll probably hook the pump directly to my PSU, move the splitter+2 fans to the CPU header so I can get PWM, then buy a splitter for the chassis/system fan header to operate two more?
The Swiftech splitter will do everything in one unit.
Plug to mobo and to cooler PWM fan as in diagram. Plug pump into any of the other sockets for 12v power and use the rest for other cooler and case PWM fans.
A PWM socket will supply the 12v power to pump. I think the pump is only using the 12v circuit and RPM leads in PWM plug anyway. Specs so pump as 12v, no PWM or voltage variable.

Is the chassis/system fan header PWM?

Don't you have any molex sockets on your PSU?
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Yeah makes me wonder too wth.gif ... plugging that pump directly to PSU sounds wise.
I think the pump is only using the 12v power and not the PWM signal.