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So about a month ago I got this free Vizio tv. The tv itself powers up fine, and seems to work great. However, it appears that something that has to do with the color is messed up. The picture comes on but there is just no color, its almost as if its in a white mode, or black and white.

I've already taken the tv apart by taking off the back panel. I looked all over for anything unplugged or something simple like that. Nothing appears to be out of socket. I'm guess its one of the boards.

*Note* When plugging into my computer through HDMI I get color, however, everything is extremely distorted, sound works fine. What could this be??

Now instead of just trashing this thing I would like to see if I can fix it for a reasonable price and throw it into my game room.

Any suggestions guys? Could really use the help!


- Obz
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